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Kosmerick, Brian Principal
Ulbrich, Betsy Counseling
Heidelberg, Charles Assistant Principal/Dean of Students
Garvey, Mike Athletic Director

Adams, Fr. James Chaplain
Adrian, Christopher Social Studies
Allbee, Mary English
Bertrand, Carolyn Fine Arts
Briggs, Katy English
Copeland, Susan Mathematics
Guthrie, Michelle Science
Heidelberg, Charles Assistant Principal/Dean of Students
Jenrich, Amanda English and History
Johnston, Amy Science
Lamp, Kimberly Educational Technology
Lucas, Deacon Theology
Luzenske, Terri Media Center
Marillier, Emily Foreign Language
Maurer, Kate Mathematics
McDougal, Brad Physical Education
McGroarty, Brendan Theology
Oostindie, Michael Math and Social Studies
Peters, David Band
Russell, Kendra English
Schaner, Veronica Fine Arts
Scoles, Trevor Theology
Stone, Margie Science
Twichell, Kate Foreign Language

Anderegg, Melissa CSGK Finance
Buchmann, Michele Tuition
Byrne, Pat Registrar
Feist, Mike Maintenance
Gillig, Sarah Admissions Director
Hargarther, Barb Guidance
Hudson, Mary Food Services
Luzenske, Terri Media Center
Pickornik, Linda Advancement Office
Remynse, Rick Technology Coordinator
Rider, Kelli Main Office Secretary/Advancement Assistant
Schwanzl, Suzanne Main Office Secretary
Willard, Kate Advancement Director